About Us

Our Vision

Touch Media is committed to delivering integrated business communication solutions. We focus on realizing value for our clients and their brand by bringing alive it in the experiential space. We function as a single point solution and operate in segment markets, through us and those of strategic partners. Like any practitioner of business communication, we would prefer a team of young, creative, enthusiastic and dynamic professionals with a sparkling stream of ideas having vast experience in the field of Promotion and Branding.

Touch Media is committed to providing an extraordinary perspective for educating the next generation of business leaders in India.Our business workshops/programs present a global perspective in a variety of formats — with each program designed to leave a long-lasting impact on you and your organization. We bring together the best professionals and their research, perfect planning and business leaders to help your organization, address your business challenges and dramatically improve your business performance.

Our Mission

Touch Media is on a way to provide all marketing assistance in regards to Branding, Promotions, Advertising, Awareness etc. for the organizations.

Touch Media is on a mission to accept the marketing challenges positively on behalf of the organization to make them feel free at their end and look forward to the results, which they are planning and strategizing for.
Specialize in Promotions

Communications can be used either to build brand awareness or drive sales through specific offers. It’s the Promotion that gives the marketer an ability to tailor their messages in a more personal manner to the audience. Promotions and Branding are highly measurable, giving marketers valuable insights into their return-on-investment. These insights can then be used to inform the next communication to the audience and tailor the messaging based on the feedback received.